Hello! I'm Zohar, an art director & multidisciplinary designer specializing in digital experiences, storytelling, brand design, and motionography.

taking it one
day at a time

An animated project that visualizes the unity of text and sound. The sound is a hybrid of two unrelated tracks - one a song, "Chimes, by Hudson Mohawke, another a comedy bit from the comedian, Hannibal Buress. The main challenge was visualizing and displaying every single word spoken and animating those words to the exact beat of both audio tracks seamlessly.

tour de france
logo animation

This animation was designed to tell a story through the use of motion. The Tour de France logo is a static logo, yet tries to tell a story about movement and racing. So, to make the viewer truly feel the back-story, I broke the logo into separate pieces and animated them all into a race of their own, upon where at the finish line they all come together in victory.

how to find
your lost sock

A 3-step guide on how to find your missing socks. The animation comically reflects real-life experiences within the laundry world ,yet creates a surprising punch at the end. The visual language of 2D paper cutouts adds to the fun, comical feel of the storyline, while moving in sync to the upbeat sounds of the song.

love is a bitch
song teaser

A short animation created as a song teaser to Two Feet's popular track, "Love is a Bitch". This animation is part of an overall branding project designed for Two Feet, including the design of the logo, where the designs incorporate paper tears to represent the artist and how he "reveals" a bit of his raw self in each one of his songs.

studio for

A title sequence for a fictional TV show that was written, filmed, and edited by myself and my two good friends, Valentina Calzolari and Emmanuel Zilbershnir. The storyline of the show focuses on a group of artists whose artistic skillset centers around the "art" of killing.

moms need
care too

A moving poster co-designed with my friend, Roy Brunner. The project required we incorporate the sentence, "There is only one mom" in its entirety and reflect it upon the theme and message we chose to focus on. Its intent is to raise awareness for post-partum depression that is common among 1 in 5 women. The large "Mom" in the center of the project is being rocked to and fro by the rest of the words of the sentence, portraying the same movement that is associated with a mother rocking her child, except in this case reversed, where the mom is the one who needs the rocking and caring for.

futurism night at the museum

Poster design for a past cultural event at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which included a diverse list of lectures all discussing modern futurism within the city and within the world. The center and base of the poster is the title in Hebrew, "Tomorrow is Already Here" and is displayed in a way that flows as if it were in motion, something commonly associated with Futurism. The colors represent nighttime, reflecting the hours of the lectures that take place into the night.

san francisco
city branding

Branding design for the city of San Francisco made up from a series of icons displayed on a range of products meant to be dispersed within the city. The icons all share the same anchor of one horizontal line that they stand upon, which mirrors the angled-streets of the city. The idea behind the design is that the icons can be presented each on their own or can be "mix-n-matched" and combined into one long line that is assembled from different sets of icons.

i am the
‍Blue whale

A typographic booklet about the Blue Whale using information taken from its Wikipedia page. The design I created takes the 3,000 word-long text and puts it in an infographic language that is more enjoyable for reading and learning, all while living in the visual world of the sea.

dog magazine

Tel Aviv is the city with the highest dogs per capita in the world, hence the need to design a magazine that's all about them! All the textual content within the magazine was researched, gathered, and accumulated from different sources and then unified into one visual language. The color scheme is based on the colors a dog can see - shades of blue, yellow, grey, black, & white.

coaster boaster
beer coasters

Co-designed with my friend Efrat Greenbaum. We were asked to find a problem in our daily world that we could solve creatively and effectively. We focused on a common problem of social anxiety within bars; our solution was to take something that already exists within the bars (beer coasters) and manipulate it to our advantage. We created 3 series of beer coasters that act as "ice breakers" in social situations such as dates, group outings, etc. that will help to socially bond people together and create a fun experience while doing so.

thisis! flour packages

Flour packaging design & branding intended for the average, fun-loving and clumsy person (like myself) who wants to enjoy working in the kitchen. What makes these packages so special is their bottom base, created from a concoction of flour, liquid glue, and paint, meant to represent the fun and messy part of baking while also protecting the package from getting wet from the kitchen counter.