Must Hav Magazine
Tel Aviv is the city with the highest dogs per capita in the world. This fact certainly calls for having a magazine centered around man's best friend. "Hav" is a play on words in Hebrew and is the sound a dog makes (equivalent to "bark" or "woof".)

With the world's highest ratio of dogs per capita, Tel Aviv stands out as a city deeply devoted to our furry best friends. In light of this, the concept of a magazine centered around dogs becomes even more fitting. The title, "Hav," is a clever wordplay in Hebrew, both mirroring the sound a dog makes (equivalent to the universal "bark" or "woof") and also referring to a desirable item you want to read and "have."


Infographics, Typography



Fun fact—the color scheme the magazine is based on is inspired by the colors that a dog is able to see, which include: blue, yellow, grey, black, and white.

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