Amdocs CES
Amdocs' Customer Experience Suite (CES) is a versatile, digital-first platform designed to offer a wide range of services to enterprise customers, whether as individual components or as a fully integrated solution. In our product video, we highlight the adaptability and capabilities of the CES suite by organizing its services into four primary categories, each represented by dynamic, color-coded shapes that seamlessly transition from one to the next. As you journey through this video, you'll explore the different services and tools offered, ultimately revealing that they all come together into a unified CES dashboard—highlighting the comprehensive nature of the Amdocs Suite.




Creative Direction | Adam Feinberg
Art Direction | Zohar Pomerantz
3D Design | Itai Freed, Shahaf Tubias
Design | Evgeny Kobuziatski
Compositing | Soslan Bitarov
Sound | Shahar Varshal
Producer | Dganit Slutsky



visual R&D

The biggest challenge we faced in this project was creating a unique, colorful, and abstract world that could visually represent the product. We spent a lot of time testing different ideas, textures, and movement to find the right look that could match the different aspects of each category.

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